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6th World Water Forum
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Fair & Exhibition

World Water Expo

The World Water Expo will be an inclusive space in the 5th World Water Forum venue for the participation of companies related to water that wish to present their services, products, activities and works. This component aims to allow the expression of water entrepreneurship, and effectively bridges the supply with the demand for innovation and new water technologies.

Companies present in the World Water Expo represent the complete spectrum of water-related activities, including wastewater treatment, on-site sanitation, agriculture, and many more. It will bring together key decision-makers from a large number of water authorities and companies around the world and is thus perfectly placed to facilitate new business opportunities. Indeed, the Expo will reinforce your opportunities in the marketplace and provide an advantageous atmosphere for networking opportunities throughout the event, as well as providing access to a sizeable potential new customer base.

Water Fair

The Water Fair will be an open venue for the presentation of different types of cultural, social and educational activities on water-related subjects. Multi-stakeholder activities for the Water Fair which seek to create a festive yet reflective atmosphere at the Forum’s main venue include a poster exhibition, the “International Water and Film Event”, the Global Water Education Village, a Learning Centre, networking spaces, side-events, water-related performances, a photo exhibition, and ethnic manifestations on water themes, amongst others.





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