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6th World Water Forum
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Follow-up 4th Forum

Since the 1st World Water Forum held in 1976 in Marrakech, numerous actions in favor of water have been initiated throughout the world. A variety of actions, all different in terms of scale and geographic impact, that are carried out by such different stakeholders as individuals, communities, user associations, local or national governments, research institutes, NGOs, international organisations and others.

The triennial Forum is a unique opportunity for all these stakeholders to gather, share experiences and information, and propose new solutions to solve the growing water crisis.

From Mexico To Istanbul

The World Water Forum is definitely not only a mega talk show. It has concrete impacts. We have selected below a few of these impacts which have been reported in a special session in Istanbul. These impacts are not so much a result of the Forum event, but a result of the important preparatory work of the Forum which includes the preparation of panel reports.

The series of significant results presented below have been obtained from exchanges and interviews with a many people and organisations who participated in the 4th Forum. They are mostly related to (i)

  1. the mobilisation of additional financial resources by International Financial Institutions,
  2. the establishment of regional multi-stakeholder processes (such as the Asia Pacific Water Forum),
  3. the implementation of the Right to Water,
  4. the mobilisation of local authorities for water.

Other important results were also reported such as those obtained by the UNSGAB through the Hashimoto Action Plan.

Click on the following links to view the Follow-up Sheets:

Improving Water Financing

Enhancing the Role of Local and Regional Authorities

The Hashimoto Action Plan

What impacts of the Forum on the host country?

Implementing the Right to Water

Mobilizing Stakeholders and Politicians