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6th World Water Forum
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Regional Process

Seven regional sessions took place during the 5th World Water Forum from 17 March to 19 March 2009, highlighting a broad range of region-specific issues.

The regional discussions emphasized the need to enhance transboundary cooperation on water resource management, and to build adaptive capacities of institutions in each region to manage emerging challenges, particularly those related to climate change. The regional processes also mobilised local actors who defined the priority issues of their regions and prepared a specific report which was presented in a dedicated session. The 7 regions were: Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, MENA/Arab countries, Mediterranean, In/around Turkey.

The Regional documents which were endorsed during the Forum can be found in the CMS.


A specific Regional preparatory process was of great importance for the success of the Forum since water issues differ from region to region, and all issues of the Forum’s thematic framework did not bear the same importance for all regions. Even if the challenges are comparable in many regions, the solutions to these challenges need to be defined locally: water is and will remain a local issue, and the regional processes contribute to mobilizing and committing worldwide action for water.


The aim of the regional process was to mobilize actors in the region and act as a catalyser for specific contributions from the region to the Forum; to contribute to the thematic process by providing mainly their perspectives on the regional views of the issues and on priority action required and to contribute to the political process by organising the political mobilisation in the region and providing inputs into the political processes of the Forum.


For each region, “Regional Coordinators” have been approached based on their capacity, willingness, representativity and preparedness. A preliminary list of coordinators is given below.

Who coordinated the regional processes?

Please click on the names of the regions below to see a short summary of the progress in that region. Clicking on the names of the regional coordinators will take you to their institutional websites. Details of who was who in the regional processes are available in the VMS.

Summary of progress in the region


Take part in the Regional Activities


AMCOW, African Development Bank

Africa in the VMS


Americas in the VMS

Asia-PacificAsia Pacific Water ForumAsia-Pacific in the VMS
EuropeEuropean Water Partnership

Europe in the VMS

Special Sub-regions
In/around TurkeyDSI (State Hydraulics Works, Turkey)

In/around Turkey in the VMS

MediterraneanMediterranean Water Institute

Mediterranean in the VMS

MENA/Arab CountriesArab Water Council

MENA/Arab Countries in the VMS


Interaction with other processes

Although homogeneity was not necessarily required, similar outputs and contributions to the Forum were desirable from the regional process and these initiatives were linked to the other Forum processes in a structured way. The regional processes therefore based their work on the Forum programme framework that was developed by the Programme Committee and which specified the aim, issues, themes and topics for the Forum.

The Regional Process was intricately linked to and drives the political process, feeding policy recommendations from a region perspective as substance to the discussions within and between political groups. Other major ongoing processes at a regional level also provided input to the 5th Forum political process. Major water summits were convened around the world whose policy-oriented output was also used in the formulation of the political process outputs. Some of the important water summits (e.g. the Asia-Pacific Water Summit, African Water Summit, European Water Summit, Forum of the Americas) involving key political actors of the regions were linked and fed into the political processes. Where the political process was organised around “PrepCom” meetings, the regions were also invited to represent their organization.