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6th World Water Forum
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Side Events

With over 100 side events organized at the 5th World Water Forum by NGOs, governments and private companies from 33 countries and all continents, they were successful in terms of the number and diversity of subjects and organizations. 

Subjects were diverse, from gender issues to climate change, water governance to right to water, and desalination to water security. Mostly carried out as presentations, debates and workshops, the lively and interactive discussions also enriched the Forum through a number of book launches, special ceremonies, documentary screenings, cocktails and receptions. Please see the full details of the side events at the Forum.

What is a Side Event?

Side events were informal discussion meetings held in parallel, between and/or after official sessions which provided an opportunity for the participants to freely discuss issues that weren't fully covered during the Forum sessions.

Open to all participants, side events acted as unique platforms for organizations to present their projects and activities, open up discussions and network with other groups. By addressing and raising awareness on global water problems, they made an invaluable contribution to the Forum by covering issues that were not fully covered during the official Forum sessions.

Some side events will merely be socially-oriented, such as cocktail parties or receptions. NGOs, governments, private companies and other participants are all encouraged to organize side events at the 5th World Water Forum. Please see the Information Note.

Thanks to everybody who applied for organizing a side event during the Forum week. Due to  high demand and limited space, among 180 applications only 105 of them could be confirmed.

For further information and queries related to side events, please contact Ms. İdil Yilmaz.