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Application Details

How to apply

The candidature process for the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize is open, through the 5th World Water Forum's Virtual Meeting Space. You may apply until November 30st, 2008. Please click here to dowload the guidelines for applications.


Any individual or organization is eligible for the Prize, with the following exceptions:

  • National and local governments;
  • Local self-governing bodies;
  • Commercial corporations;
  • The Secretariat of the World Water Council;
  • The Secretariat of the Japan Water Forum;
  • Organisations represented by members of the Bureau of the World Water Council;
  • Organisations represented by members of the Prize Committee and Panel of Judges;
  • Organisers of the 5th World Water Forum (DSI, ISKI, IMM, etc.)
  • Past winners of this or other similar Prizes

Criteria for Evaluating Water Actions

Proposals submitted were evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • A brief and clear description of the water problem in question and the solution implemented;
  • A clear description of the divides that were bridged
  • The impact of the activity in alleviating or eradicating the water problem;
  • Involvement and contribution of all types of stakeholders to implement or design the activity;
  • The sustainability of the activity
  • Commitment to pursuing the activity or following it up;
  • Originality or innovative ideas for unsolved problems;
  • Link with the thematic content of the Forum.





Secretariat of the Prize:

Colin Herron

Tel:  +33 4 91 99 41 00