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5th World Water Forum: Who's Who?

Organisation of the 5th World Water Forum

With the aim of building on the lessons from the previous World Water Fora and of creating increased commitment from the global water community, the World Water Council and the Turkish co-organisers have worked out an improved framework for the preparation of the 5th World Water Forum.

In support to the International Steering Committee, the Forum’s ultimate decision-making body, this framework relies on three committees in charge of the three strategic components of the Forum, namely the programme committee, the political process committee and the communication committee. These three committees are composed of an equal number of representatives of the Turkish government and members of the World Water Council, and are in turn supported by the Forum Secretariat and the Council Headquarters.

All three committees work with the support of a larger working group of organisations contributing to the preparation of the Forum, which they serve to catalyse so as to enhance broad stakeholder participation in the Forum.

Final decision making on any aspect of 5th World Water Forum communications rests with the International Steering Committee.

Who's Who and Who to contact?

Please click on the following links to see the composition and contact details of the different bodies: