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Preparatory Meetings

19-20 November 2007: Brainstorming Session on the Political Process

The first “Brainstorming Session” took place in Marseille, France, during a 2-day session between the 19th and 21st of November. The aim was to ask a
high-level group of current and former government leaders to examine the goals and process of the Forum that are feasible and attainable along with creating indicators of what a successful outcome of such a Forum would look like.

The meeting gathered representatives representatives from local authorities, parliamentarians and members of National governments in a participatory framework to prepare the format, thematic focus and the product process of the Political Process. The workshop reflected the organizers’ ambition to develop, through this new type of political process, a new vision of water which should be more politically informed and driven, better integrated between political and technical and also better embedded in the several dimensions of our current societal problems.

The participants, who came from the five chosen regions for the Forum, were invited to reflect on three critical issues, which outcomes will be submitted to a larger Focus Group meeting planned in January 2008. The first issue concerned how to deal with the political dimensions of the water issues, the second one regarded the overall theme proposed for the Political Process: ‘Water Management Adaptation Strategies for Global Changes including Climate Variability/Change’.

Finally, the participants’ views were asked on the series and suggestions for the processes to achieve them. The fruitful discussion, resulting from the many viewpoints and different experiences, ended in a series of recommendations for the proceeding of the Political Process and for the implementation of its innovative approach.