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Preparatory Meetings

7-8 February 2008: 2nd Meeting of the Thematic and Regional Coordinators

More than 400 representatives from approximately 200 organizations gathered for the Second Thematic and Coodinators' meeting in Istanbul on 7-8 February.

The two-day meeting provided an opportunity for different stakeholders, organizations and institutions to work together and develop plans for the preparation of particular topics. Prior to the meeting, the participants had expressed their particular interest and split into 22 topic working groups within six thematic groups.

At the end of the meeting, the topic groups had all completed a report that framed issues, formulated topic questions, provided a list of session ideas and identified stakeholders. It also set up the next steps and provided an agenda for meetings as well as identified media interest.

The meeting was a great success as it ensured an extensive participation through an inclusive process characterized by dialogue. Many participants expressed their enthusiasm both during and after the meeting, which finished on a high note of positive expectations for the coming year.

Download the summary of the topic roundtable reports (distributed at the end of the meeting)