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Thematic Development Documents

  • The Session Proposals are based on the results of the 2nd Thematic Coordinators Meeting in Istanbul. In collaboration with those who attended that meeting, Topic Coordinators proceeded to define the scope of sessions within their topics between Feburary and June 2008.  In cooperation with many different organisations, session conveners will integrate different perspectives in order to provide answers to those main challenges identified within each topic. At present a call for contributions is in effect until 30 September, which is an open invitation to contribute your action-oriented solutions to these questions. Your expertise, experience and ideas are needed by sending your contributions through the VMS or the website… All proposed contributions will be considered for incorporation into the development of sessions. Together, session conveners and contributors will work to finalize the structure and contents of each session by the end of 2008. An interactive dialogue format will be encouraged wherever possible.
  • The Topic Roundtable Reports are the results of two days of workshops during the Thematic and Regional Coordinators meeting in Istanbul on 7-8 February. These reports are intended to frame issues, formulate topic questions, provide a list of session ideas and identify stakeholders and their way of involvement. Based on these inputs, the plan of action for the development of thematic and topic documents will be identified for preparations at the session level.
  • The Topic Scoping Papers were developed by the Thematic and Topic Coordinators to provide a basis for discussion during the Second meeting of the Thematic and Regional Coordinators in Istanbul on 7-8 February. The papers focus on the main theme “bridging divides for water” and specifically underline contentious issues or conflictual subjects for each topic, raise awareness on new developments and clarify discussions that will serve to provide consensus.

Theme 1: Global Changes and Risk Management

Topic 1.1 Adaptation to Climate Change

Sessions Proposal 1.1

Topic Scoping Paper 1.1

Topic Roundtable Report 1.1

Topic 1.2 Migration and changing land uses, human settlements and water

Sessions proposal 1.2

Topic Roundtable Report 1.2

Topic Scoping Paper 1.2

Topic 1.3 Mitigating Disasters

Sessions Proposal 1.3

Topic Roundtable Report 1.3

Topic Scoping Paper 1.3

Topic Scoping Paper 1.3 (second contribution)

Agenda and registration for August 20, 2008 meeting in Stockholm

Theme 2: Advancing Human Development and the MDGs

Topic 2.1:Ensuring water, sanitation and hygiene for all
- ensuring adequate infrastructure
- protecting public health in the short term

Sessions Proposal 2.1

Topic Roundtable Report 2.1

Topic Scoping Paper 2.1

Topic 2.2: Water for energy, energy for water

Presentation - overview of sessions for 2.2

Session proposal 2.2.1

Session proposal 2.2.2

Session proposal 2.2.3

Joint session proposal 2.2 and 2.3

Topic Roundtable Report 2.2

Topic Scoping Paper 2.2

Topic 2.3: Water and food for ending poverty and hunger

Sessions Proposal 2.3

Joint session proposal 2.2 and 2.3

Topic Roundtable Report 2.3

Topic Scoping Paper 2.3

Topic 2.4: Multiple uses of water e.g. water supply and irrigation

Topic Roundtable Report 2.4

Topic Scoping Paper 2.4

Theme 3: Managing and Protecting Water Resources and their Supply Systems to Meet Human and Environmental Needs

Topic 3.1: Basin management and transboundary water cooperation

3.1 Session Proposal

3.1 Topic Scoping Paper (UNESCO-PCCP contribution)

3.1 Topic Scoping Paper (INBO contribution)

3.1 Topic Roundtable Report

Topic 3.2: Ensuring adequate water resources and storage infrastructure to meet agricultural, energy and urban needs

3.2 Topic Scoping Paper

3.2 Topic Scoping Paper (ISKI contribution)

3.2 Topic Roundtable Report

Topic 3.3: Preserving Natural Ecosystems

3.3 Topic Scoping Paper

3.3 Topic Scoping Paper (ICID contribution)

3.3 Topic Roundtable Report

Topic 3.4: Managing and protecting surface, ground and rainwater

3.4 Topic Scoping Paper

3.4 Topic Roundtable Report

Topic 4: Governance and Management

Topic 4.1: Implementing the right to water and sanitation for improved access

4.1 Sessions Proposal

4.1 Topic Roundtable Report

4.1 Topic Scoping Paper

Topic 4.2: Improving performance through regulatory approaches (merged with topic 4.5, see below)

4.2 Sessions Proposal

4.2 Topic Roundtable Report

4.2 Topic Scoping Paper

4.5 Topic Roundtable Report

4.5 Topic Scoping Paper

Topic 4.3: Ethics, transparency, and empowerment of stakeholders

4.3 Sessions Proposal

4.3 Topic Roundtable Report

4.3 Topic Scoping Paper

Topic 4.4: Optimizing public and private roles in water services

4.4 Topic Roundtable Report

4.4 Topic Scoping Paper

Topic 4.5: Institutional arrangements for efficient and effective
water management

This topic has been merged with topic 4.2: Improving performance through regulatory approaches. See development documents under topic 4.2 above.

Theme 5: Finance

Topic 5.1: Sustainable means of financing local water authorities
and systems

5.1 Sessions Proposal

5.1 Topic Roundtable Report

5.1 Topic Scoping Paper

Topic 5.2: Pricing strategies to ensure fairness and sustainability

5.2 Sessions Proposal

5.2 Topic Roundtable Report

5.2 Topic Scoping Paper

Topic 5.3: Pro-poor policies and strategies

5.3 Sessions Proposal

5.3 Topic Roundtable Report

5.3 Topic Scoping Paper

Theme 6: Education, Knowledge and Capacity Building

Topic 6.1: Education and capacity-building strategies

6.1 Topic Scoping Paper

6.1 Topic Scoping Paper (second contribution)

6.1 Topic Scoping Paper (revised version 13.03.2008)

6.1 Topic Roundtable Report

Topic 6.2: Water science and technology: appropriate and
innovative solutions for the 21st Century

6.2 Topic Roundtable Report

6.2 Topic Scoping Paper

Topic 6.3: Using professional networks and associations to
strengthen the water sector

6.3 Sessions Proposal

6.3 Topic Roundtable Report

6.3 Topic Scoping Paper (IWALC-contribution)

6.3 Topic Scoping Paper (second contribution)

Topic 6.4: Data for All

6.4 Topic Roundtable Report

Topic 6.5: Water and Culture

6.5 Topic Scoping Paper and Report