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Issue Focus: Water


Water use at conferences is primarily for drinking water, sanitation, and for washing/cleaning. Appropriate wastewater management is important for protecting waterways from contamination.

Preparatory Process

As mentioned, preparatory meetings have been held in Istanbul prior to the launch of Green Forum Initiative activities and thus little data is available.

However, at the Cevahir Hotel, venue of preparatory meetings in February 2008, it can be mentioned that sinks with infrared sensors on the water taps and dual flush systems were in use. Water for participants was served in jugs, rather than in plastic bottles, which normally reduces wasted drinking water and significantly reduces plastic waste.

Forum Week - Sütlüce Cultural Centre

Drinking water: Water used in the building that must be of the highest purity comes from the municipal water system and is purified further using reverse osmosis and UV treatment and activated carbon filters. This avoids the need for bottled water in food preparation areas. Water for other uses does not go through this extensive treatment process. 

Sanitation: Water saving flush system 3l / 6l  are in use in toilets and infrared detectors are in place for the water taps.

Food preparation areas: oil traps are used to prevent used cooking oil from going into the city's waterways.

Irrigation: Pop-up sprinklers are installed and are set on timers to allow for optimal irrigation of landscaped areas.










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