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Issue Focus: Waste


Waste generation is inevitable at conferences. A great part of the waste generated comes from restauration and from the conference materials (mostly paper, also carpeting and PVC banners/backdrops).

Preparatory Process

Meeting Venues: Boxes to collect paper for recycling were made available at the preparatory meetings held in the Cevahir Hotel in February 2008. Badge recycling bins were also used to collect participants' badges for reuse at future preparatory meetings.

Secretariat Offices: Paper collection boxes are available in most offices for recycling paper waste. Default settings for double-sided printing are in place on printers to reduce paper use.

Forum Week

Paper and other waste minimization/treatment:

  • Registered participants have the option to receive printed Forum documentation in their registration bags or electronic versions. The default option is set to electronic.
  • Rules for exhibitors written into the Exhibitor's Guide to encourage a minimum amount of waste generated from the Expo and Fair activities.
  • Paper waste (and other material) recycling system has been designed with the assistance of the Istanbul Municipality's recycling contractor ISTAÇ.
  • Carpeting from the Expo tent and PVC banners and backdrops from the Venues will be collected and redistributed through the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's social services network.


  • A vegetarian option is being offered to registered participants during the registration process. This will help with food planning thus reducing food waste. Vegetarian meals generally have a smaller environmental footprint compared to meals including meat.

  • çöp(m)adam, a Turkish NGO which provides work and income for women will collect plastic cake wrappers and use them to produce new products, such as purses and small bags, giving this waste a second life. Come to the GFI stands in Feshane, Sütlüce Foyer 4, and the Expo tent to find out more. And be sure to recycle your plastic wrappers to be made into a new and innovative product.
  • Planning is underway to minimize the use of drinking containers at the Forum though the final strategy has not been determined.
  • The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality plans to collect untouched food left-over from lunches and donate these to food banks.
  • Other food-waste reduction strategies are being considered and will be announced as they are concluded.