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6th World Water Forum
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Major Groups

Encouraging Major Groups' Participation

To improve working with the global community at large, the organizers of the 5th World Water Forum wish to encourage the participation of the Major Groups of Agenda 21. Special efforts are being made to ensure that the nine Major Groups, namely women, youth and children, business and industry, local governments, science and technology, workers and trade unions, indigenous people, farmers and NGOs, are integrated into the different platforms of the Forum.

The Major Groups will be provided with contact points and will be supported in their networking and self-organization so as to create well-organized mechanisms for dialogue with the thematic and political processes of the Forum. Inclusion of the Major Groups in the Forum’s thematic and political process through these mechanisms will be unique to the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul and will complement these groups’ existing structures at the Forum (e.g. Istanbul Urban Water Consensus of the Local Governments, the Global Water Education Village and the Youth World Water Forum).

Each Major Group has a section in the Virtual Meeting Space (VMS) which can be used to exchange ideas and information between and amongst registered VMS members. We thus encourage the interested Major Groups' members to register themselves in the VMS to take advantage of this networking and exchange tool as early as possible.

For more details about Major Groups participation at the Forum send us an email.




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