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6th World Water Forum
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Forum Ambassador

5th World Water Forum Ambassador Prof. Klaus Töpfer

The organizers of the 5th World Water Forum are honored to welcome Prof. Klaus Töpfer as the official Forum Ambassador. Former German Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety under Chancellor Helmut Kohl and previous Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Prof. Töpfer has agreed to give his high profile and profound experience in the environmental field to the cause of raising awareness and understanding of water issues, and support the promotion of the 5th World Water Forum to a broad global public.

The Forum organizers are delighted to count Prof. Töpfer among their team.

To date, Prof. Töpfer has been interviewed by several Turkish and international newspapers, magazines and television stations, including TIME, CNN, Hurriyet, Vatan, and many more. Prof. Töpfer has also given speeches and made interventions at World Water Day 2008 celebrations in Istanbul and at CSD-16 in at the United Nations in New York. Video footage of his participation can be seen following the links on the right.

Quotes from Prof. Töpfer

“Awareness-raising for the broader public, integration of non-governmental organizations and private business, the obligation to showcase good examples, and the repercussions for the whole country – this I expect as a very concrete result from this 5th World Water Forum next year.” - March 21, 2008

“We have to hurry-up in the overall field of water. We have to do more than we are doing now to avoid that the growing population, more and more an urbanized population, will come to the limits to the carrying capacity of this globe. We don’t have a second globe in reserve – we have to handle it here.” - March 21, 2008




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