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6th World Water Forum
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Heads of State Process

For the First Time: Heads of State Summit

Heads of States Summit in Istanbul has been a first among the World Water Fora. It was a crucial component of the Political Process. Among 12 Heads of States/Governments; Abbas El Fassi (Prime Minister of Morocco), Prince of Orange Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, Celal Talabani (President of Iraq), Albert II (Prince of Monaco), Naruhito (Crown Prince of Japan) and Abdullah Gül (President of Republic of Turkey) attended the Heads of State Summit on 16 March 2009.

The meeting aimed to be a high-level appeal for action to goverments around the world, citing the importance of water in development. The 'Istanbul Declaration of Heads of State on Water' as the outcome of this process covers general principles and values by pointing out the adaptation measures for global climate change. The importance and urgency of taking action for implementing necessary tools make the grounds of the Declaration, that will lead to solidarity, security and adaptability.

The outcome of the Heads of State Summit, was endorsed as the 'Istanbul Declaration of Heads of State on Water', can be viewed from the CMS.

photo by Leila Mead




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