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6th World Water Forum
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Ministerial Process

MINISTERIAL PROCESS: “Ministerial Statement and Istanbul Water Guide”

168 ministerial delegates from around the world took part in the Ministerial Conference, which, through a negotiated multi-stakeholder process, resulted in a "Ministerial Statement" and "the Istanbul Water Guide", a list of 140 recommendations for concrete action to be implemented to improve water security and water management at all levels. To prepare this list of recommendations, a synthesis of about 30 international declarations was prepared and extensively discussed with representatives of more than 100 governments, as well as with international organisations and major group representatives. 8 Ministerial Roundtables were also organized on this occasion in order to share experience and exchange knowledge. 

The Ministerial Process documents which were endorsed during the Forum can be found in the CMS.

An Agenda for Action

The Ministerial Conference was one of the main events of the Political Process. Targeted the Ministers in charge of water, it was also open to all relevant Ministers. 

The objective of the Ministerial segment of the 5th World Water Forum was to prepare a Ministerial agenda for "Water Adaptation Management Strategies for Global Changes including Climate Change/ Variability", through a series of Preparatory Meetings (PrepComs).

The Ministerial Process Kick-off took place at a side event on 13 May 2008 at the 16th Session of the United Nations' Commission on Sustainable Development was titled, "Toward a Global Water Agenda: Preparing the Ministerial Process of the 5th World Water Forum".

The PrepCom series was kicked off on 11-12 September 2008 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris where the first documents of the Ministerial Process were reviewed by national governments and stakeholders.  PrepCom II took place on 4-5 December 2008 in Geneva followed by PrepCom III in January 2009 in Rome.  These meetings were crucial for the formulation of the 'Istanbul Water Guide', which was approved at the Ministerial Conference held during the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul.

Inputs from both the Thematic and Regional Processes of the 5th World Water Forum contributed to the Ministerial Process.There was active participation in the Ministerial Process from both the Thematic and Regional Coordinators.  Examples of some of the regional activities, which provided contributions to the Ministerial Process, in addition to those regional events organized by the World Water Council and the Turkish Government, were the Asia-Pacific Water Forum and Summit in Beppu, Japan, December 2007, the African Water Summit in Sharm-el-Skekh, Egypt in July 2008 the Water Forum of the Americas in Iguazu, Brazil and the Arab Water Forum, both in November 2008.  All of these significant forums contributed to the PrepComs of the Ministerial Process.