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Americas Regional Process

The Americas Region is sub-divided into 4 different sub-regions: Central America, Caribbean, North America and South America. Each sub-region is working in order to identify its main subjects of interest and to give answers to the different usual problems inside their own region.

The conclusion of the 4th sub-regions will be included in a water resources situation report for each sub-region and a final Americas regional document will be developed and discussed during the “Water Forum of the Americas”, scheduled to take place from 24-25 November 2008 in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

A great variety of stakeholders from the Americas, such as local authorities, governors, local municipality, ONG, private corporations, etc., will attend this Forum. The priority subject for discussion will be Global Changes, including climate change, increase of population, urbanization and ground issues.


Contact the Americas Region Leaders:
Benedito Braga, Agencia Nacional de Aguas of Brazil
Roberto Olivares, ANEAS




Regional Leads for the Americas

Benedito Braga

Roberto Olivares