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News 2007

Political Process Brainstorming Session

19 November 2007

In partnership with the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 5th Forum Secretariat, the WWC recently hosted, at its headquarters in Marseilles, a brainstorming session for the Political Process of the 5th Forum. The purpose of this two-day-meeting was to gather representatives from local authorities, parliamentarians and members of national governments within a participatory framework to discuss the format, thematic focus and the development of products related to the Forum’s Political Process. The workshop reflected the organizers’ ambition to develop, through this new type of political dialogue, a new vision for water, which should be more politically driven and better linked to technical as well as societal dimensions. The participants, who represented five different regions of the world, were invited to reflect on three critical issues, the results of which will be submitted to a larger Focus Group meeting planned early next year. The fruitful discussions, resulting from the presentation of many viewpoints and different experiences, concluded with a series of recommendations on how to proceed with the Political Process and the implementation of its innovative approach, in order to achieve, through the 5th Forum, true political commitment for water issues throughout the world.

First Thematic and Regional Coordinators’ meeting

6 November 2007

Introducing major themes and topics, clarifying preparatory processes and exploring ideas for an active engagement of all key stakeholders at the 5th Forum were the objectives of the 2-day meeting recently held in Istanbul. The participants were invited to contribute actively to each of the six Forum themes through roundtable discussions and were also given the opportunity to present their ideas on what mechanisms and processes could be used to maximise constructive interaction between stakeholders. At the end of the meeting, a solid foundation was established for the thematic and regional coordinators to reach out to others to involve them in the thematic development process, in particular during a meeting to be held in Istanbul on 7-8 February.


3rd ISC and Committee Meetings

6 November 2007

The 3rd meeting of the 5th Forum’s International Steering Committee was held in Istanbul on 6 November 2007, on the premises of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Florya Center. Each of the organisational committees (Programme, Political Process and Communications) provided the outcomes of their meetings, which were held the previous Sunday. Among the innovations included the creation of an editorial committee, plans for a Forum Newsletter starting at the beginning of next year, validation of types and amounts of Forum registration fess, and the development of a negotiated Ministerial Agenda for water management. In addition, the ISC assigned four of its members, M. Bzioui, B. Braga, S. Algan and D. Altinbilek, to pilot regional processes and coordinate those processes within each committee. It also welcomed the idea of naming “Forum Ambassadors” to promote the Forum on a wider scale. The ISC also discussed “Greening the Forum”, and resolved to create an environmentally friendly Forum, for example, through conscious efforts to reduce waste or creation of partnerships to counter carbon emissions produced by attending the forum. The next ISC meeting will be held on 9 February in Istanbul.


Open Event at the Asia-Pacific Water Summit

15 September 2007

“The 5th World Water Forum and the Asia-Pacific Region” Open Event will take place during the 1st Asia-Pacific Water Summit in Beppu, Japan, on 4 December. Building on the accumulated experience of four successive fora, this event, which is open to the public, will describe progress in the preparation of the 5th World Water Forum to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, in March of 2009, within the context of its overarching theme: “Bridging Divides for Water.” As one of the major geographic regions defined in the preparatory process, special attention will be given to the contribution of the Asia-Pacific Region, in particular with regard to how the outcomes of the Summit can be integrated into the politically oriented activities of the Forum. Those attending this event will be given the opportunity to ask questions and supply ideas on effective and innovative contributions from the region to the Forum as a whole. 5th Forum representatives will also be present at the exhibition stand within the convention hall to answer any questions and to distribute the 5th Forum’s First Announcement.


First Announcement of the 5th World Water Forum Released

23 August 2007

The First Announcement of the 5th World Water Forum was released in Stockholm on Monday, 14 August, during an overflowing Side Event at the World Water Week. Approximately 150 people attended the presentation of the thematic, regional and political processes of the 5th Forum in an interactive session aspiring to answer participants’ questions and receive comments. Download the full First Announcement or download the version 'text only'.

5th World Water Forum Side Event at the 2007 World Water Week

31 July 2007

Where and when: Monday, 13 August, 12:15 to 13:15
Room 307 Folkets Hus
Stockholm, Sweden

The World Water Council (WWC), the General Directorate State Hydraulic Works for Turkey (DSI) and the Secretariat of the 5th World Water Forum have the pleasure of inviting you to attend the 5th World Water Forum Side Event during this year’s Stockholm World Water Week. Building on the accumulated experience of four successive fora, this side event aims to highlight the exciting innovations planned for the 5th edition of the World Water Forum to be held in Istanbul in 2009 within the context of “Bridging Divides for Water.” It will report on the continual progress in its preparation and on the follow-up to the proposals made during the kick-off meeting held in Istanbul in March of this year. It will also outline the different ways in which stakeholders can become involved in the preparation process and address the issues and actions that are truly essential to building together a water-secure world. The audience will have the opportunity to interact through questions and comments. Lunch bags will be provided during the event.

The theme of this year’s Water Week is “Progress and Prospects on Water: Striving for Sustainability in a Changing World.” A record number of participants – 2400 from some 130 countries – are expected to explore a wide variety of themes and topics at the Stockholm City Conference Centre between August 12th and 18th. Plenary sessions, panel debates, social events, facility tours and prize-giving ceremonies will all contribute to the week’s varied programme. Leading pro¬fessionals from business, government, water management, science, inter-governmental organisations, NGOs, training institutes and United Nations agencies will participate. Over 140 organisations are co-convenors of the event together with the Stockholm International Water Institute.


ISC members converge in Istanbul

28 May 2007

On 19 and 20 May, the inaugural meeting of the 5th Forum International Steering Committee (ISC) was convened by Prof. Veysel Eroglu and Mr. Loïc Fauchon. In addition to the ISC members; representatives from DSI, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the WWC gathered to discuss issues related to the organisation of the 5th Forum over the coming two years. Read full article.

Getting the messages out: Communicators unite for the cause of water

20 March 2007

During the 5th World Water Forum kick-off meeting in Istanbul (19-20 March), water communicators from leading water organizations and institutions came together to discuss the future of water in communications. The kick-off meeting provided an excellent opportunity for communication professionals to explore and learn about each others’ work, priorities, and strategies. The opportunity was seized to jointly devise clear messages for the 5th WWF, in line with the 2009 Forum Message “Bridging Divides for Water”.

A brainstorming session resulted in many interesting ideas and initiatives to raise the outreach potential of the Water Forum. Initiating concrete cooperation between the various communication professionals was strongly supported with the aim to communicate water messages in a strategic manner to target audiences. A Water Communications’ Working Group has been formed in an effort to strengthen, rather than duplicate the various organizations’ communication efforts. A strong connection with the Turkish media outlets, press wires and communication focal points of the host country was also established. Should you wish to join the Water Communications’ Working Group, please contact Melanie Giard.

Kick-Off Meeting in Istanbul: Bridging the 4th Forum to the 5th

20 March 2007

The Kick-Off Meeting came to an end on Tuesday, 20 March, after two days of exchanges, roundtables, workshops and brainstorming sessions providing important indications for shaping the 5th World Water Forum.

We can already state that it was a success and that it established a strong basis for the 2 years preparatory process that started there. Read article.

The next step will be to set the thematic priorities and examine the various processes needed for implementing the proposed ideas. An agenda of important international events has also been established, in view of linking each of them to the 5th Forum’s preparatory process.

The Kick-Off also included roundtable discussions on regional components, where participants from each region gathered together to discuss ways of bringing important issues on the regional level to the Forum. Additionally, the meetings highlighted the importance of linking the 4th Forum to the 5th, through the involvement of our Mexican colleagues in the whole process. The results of these meetings will be synthesized and presented soon.


 Third World Water Development Report to be presented to the Fifth World Water Forum in March 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey

March 8, 2007

The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, and the Italian
Minister for the Environment, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, signed an agreement under which Italy will provide a grant of 7.5 million of Euros for the implementation of the third phase of the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) and to transfer its Secretariat to Perugia, Italy. The agreement will be followed by others, notably with the government of the Umbria Region, which is providing the premises in which the Secretariat will be housed. The latter will be fully operational within a few months to allow the Programme’s Secretariat to begin producing the third World Water Development Report, which Mr Matsuura will present to the
Fifth World Water Forum in March 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey.


Kick-off meeting of the 5th World water Forum to be held in Istanbul, 19-20 March 2007

March 01, 2007

In order to prepare new and relevent content for debate and proposals at the 5th World Water Forum in Instanbul, Turkey, in March 2009, a two-year preparatory process is being launched at a kick-off meeting on 19 and 20 March 2007 in Istanbul. Through interaction of stakeholders from every horizon, including representatives from numerous international institutions and ministries, more precise definition of themes and increased cooperation prior to the Forum will surely lead to an even more constructive event and to greater changes for water.

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