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23 February 2009


During the 5th World Water Forum, space (free of charge) with a limited capacity will be provided for the interaction between accredited media and Forum participants. In case that you would like to organize a press conference, please fill in the press conference request form and send your request to For more information and inquiries, please visit the Media Corner.

4 February 2009

MEDIA ACCREDITATION Process has started!

Members of the national press and resident members of the foreign press in Turkey who wish to cover the Forum should apply for Media Accreditation in person or by fax by March 9, 2009. For members of the foreign press coming from abroad the deadline is March 2, 2009. Please click here for details

29 January 2009

What can you do to green the Forum?

Each participant coming to Istanbul for the Forum can help to make this World Water Forum as green as possible. The Green Guide for Forum Participants gives tips and ideas to consider. Find out what you can do... Get the Guide or see the Green Forum Initiative web page.


21 January 2009

Important Note For 3rd Children's World Water Forum!

If you have already contacted the mailing address, we kindly ask you to resend us your emails. Due to a technical problem in the server, we could not reach the emails sent before January 13, 2009. Now the problem has been solved and we can receive emails to this address. Because of this the deadline of the applications is extended to January 31, 2009. You can reach Children's Forum page by clicking here. We are cordially sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

20 January 2009

Become a WWC Member and get 20% discount on the Forum fees

If you are a member of the World Water Council, you and up to four colleagues will receive a 20% discount on your Forum registration fees. World Water Council membership is open to institutions, and is subject to annual membership fees. To join the Council and find out more, click here, or contact Sabrina Andre, Membership Officer.


20 January 2009

Partnership Bazaar

Aiming to facilitate the creation of partnerships through, the 5th World Water Forum will provide the opportunity for participating organizations to initiate, expand or strengthen existing partnerships for water. Applications are open until February 15th. For more information, please click here.


20 January 2009

Deadline for “Compromiso México” Water Prize has been extended!

The deadline for applications for the “Compromiso México” Water Prize has been extended, to Friday February 6th. Subtitled “Towards the Establishment of Local Public Policies for Water Supply and Sanitation”, the prize aims to reward local governments for their efforts in providing water and sanitation to their constituencies. Prizes of 15,000 USD, 10,000 and 5,000 are offered for the three outstanding applications. For more details, please click here.

14 January 2009

Deadline for Early-bird Registration discount is 15 January 2009 until midnight!

A 20% early-bird registration discount is valid until midnight Turkish time on January 15th. Take advantage of this discount now! The registration fees were recently reduced - click here to see the new fees.

5 January 2009

Now you can Consult the General Overview of the Draft Programme!

The general overview of the draft Forum programme can now be consulted from our website. The final countdown to the 5th World Water Forum is well underway. Use the programme to plan your participation and register through the website.

29 December 2008

From now on it is "Istanbul Water Consensus"

UCLG World Council meeting on the 5th World Water Forum took place on November 27 at Hilton Convention Center, İstanbul.  As the title “Urban” is not really defining the consensus and excluding the non – urban inhabitance areas under the administration of the local authorities, the recommended title was revised to “Istanbul Water Consensus”. 

As a whole the Consensus was reshaped like a “to do list” in regards to comments. Regarding the Part II of the documents (targets, commitments etc....), the decision was to keep it in the present status but to call for comments on this part until mid-January.

On the 30th of November, Mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbaş presented the last reviewed and approved version of Istanbul Water Consensus. The Consensus was than disseminated among the 300 members of UCLG World Council. 

8 December 2008

What will the 5th Forum focus on?

After months of collaborative work, a first draft list of the Forum’s approximately 100 sessions can now be consulted online. The sessions have been enriched by the more than 700 contributions received from all over the world. You can follow progress of the thematic development through the Forum’s Virtual Meeting Space. Through this tool, you can provide your comments and suggestions to help answer the key questions that will shape the 5th World Water Forum. 

2 December 2008

Apply to Organize a Learning Center Course!

The Learning Centre is intended to facilitate teaching/training at a practical level on various aspects of “Bridging Divides for Water”. Courses will be scheduled in parallel with the 5th Forum program of events, with the exception of Opening and Closing ceremonies. If you would like to organize a Learning Centre course, please click here.

28 November 2008

Register To Take Part 3rd Children's World Water Forum (CWWF)!

The Children’s World Water Forum tradition was established in Kyoto at the 3rd World Water Forum, where some 109 children, from 32 countries participated, deliberated, and acted on issues of great importance to children’s wellbeing worldwide. At the 2nd CWWF at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico, 107 children from 29 countries shared 55 local actions to help in the solution- finding of water- related issues, and participated in workshops and educational activities.

The involvement of children in dealing with global issues exemplifies the need for policy-makers to put children at the forefront of their water and sanitation priorities. Moreover, involving children in large multi-stakeholder gatherings is an opportunity for children’s representatives to engage in meaningful dialogue within a unified objective of bringing about significant change on water issues. Children are a crucial stakeholder in water deliberations and decisions to “Bridge Divides for Water”. For more information, please see the Guidelines. Fill in the Registration Form for Children, Registration Form for Activities, Registration Form for Chaperon and List of Delegations.

28 November 2008

European Regional Document – Chapters open for comments

The coordinators of the European Regional Process invite any interested party to send their comments on the chapters of the the European Regional Document (ERD), one of the main output of the Process. The ERD will summarise the current challenges on eight major themes in Europe and discuss the European solutions to address these challenges formulating key messages based on the best practices. Furthermore it will provide key policy recommendations to address the remaining European challenges.

The first drafts of the thematic chapters of the ERD are now available at the website of the European Regional Process as well as on the Forum's Virtual Meeting Space. The deadline for sending your comments is 5 December 2008. More information.


October 8, 2008

Thematic process: Contribution process is closed!

As of today, the call for contributions to the thematic process contribution has ended. More than 500 contributions are being examined and could be used to shape the 100 planned sessions to be held at the 5th World Water Forum. This phase of the preparatory process is closed to allow the further refinement of the sessions by the topic coordinators and session conveners. More...

September 12, 2008

Contribute through the Virtual Meeting Space

How can those knowledgeable about the various aspects of water issues around the world be brought together to make a meaningful contribution to solving the world’s water problems? The 5th World Water Forum co-organizers created the Virtual Meeting Space to meet this challenge. Interested in finding out more? Download the flyer or sign up for a free VMS account today.

Asia Pacific Regional Water Conference 2008

18-19 November 2008 • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Water Association of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya (SWan) will jointly held a Conference with the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia. World's top keynote speakers from Signapore, Philippines, United States, Germany, Russia, Denmark and Malaysia will provide insight and perspectives related to water services in the region, emerging trends and challanges the sector faces.

First Preparatory Committee meeting (PrepCom) of the Ministerial Political Process

Paris, France, 11-12 September 2008

The First Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) meeting of the Ministerial Process of the 5th World Water Forum, hosted by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-organized by the World Water Council will be held at the UNESCO Headquarters on 11-12 September 2008. 

The first in a series of four PrepComs, this initial meeting of government-nominated experts from all nations will set forth the issues that will be addressed by the Forum’s Ministerial Process, whose main aim is to prepare a Ministerial Agenda for “Water Management Adaptation Strategies for Global Changes including Climate Change/Variability”. A Ministerial Discussion Paper on the theme will be presented at the meeting to provide the basis for discussions and consultations on the best ways to confront global changes and their impacts on water resources. 

The discussions will revolve around the 6 main themes of the Thematic Programme of the 5th World Water Forum. The meeting will further develop the Ministerial Discussion Paper into a Chairman’s Paper to be presented at the Second PrepCom meeting in Geneva in December 2008.

IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Vienna

7-12 September 2008 • Vienna, Austria

International Water Association (IWA) Congress will take place on the 7-12th of September in Vienna and will bring together 3000 water professionals to advance their common goal of sustainable water management.

IWA is a global network of water professionals spanning continuum between research and practice and covering  all facets of water cycle.  IWA  connects  water professionals worldwide to lead the development of effective and sustainable approaches to water management. IWA offers the global community of water professionals the opportunity to experience the very best of water science, research, practice and management from around the world.

The technical programme of IWA Congress ranges from the critical issues of our time climate change, explosive population growth, a global sanitation crisis, urbanization to emerging breakthroughs in biotechnology.

During the conference Prof. Zekai Şen will present the 2. Draft of Istanbul Urban Water Consensus and Prof Ahmet Mete Saatçi will explain the processes of the 5th World Water Forum.

Forum Side Event: Expo Zaragoza

28 August 2008 • Zaragoza, Spain

The Second Draft of the İstanbul Urban Water Consensus will be announced during the side event, at Water Tribune Pavillion on the 28th of August in Zaragoza, Spain. The First Draft of the Consensus was initially presented in Istanbul, during World Water Day 2008. The Second Draft to be presented includes the comments of many Local Authorities from around the world since March.

The importance and role of the efforts for the water-themed expo on the road to Istanbul will be emphasized and information will be provided on the different processes of the Forum, including the latest developments. More information will be given as it becomes available.

3 August 2008

Thematic Development: Who does what?

What are the roles and responsibilities of the hundreds of people involved in the thematic development for the 5th Forum? How do they interact? Which tasks do they carry out, what outputs are they expected to produce? Click here to find all the answers!

1 August 2008

Forum Sessions: Contribute now!

The call for contributions to the 100 Forum Sessions are now open!

First, though, it is important to understand that the process for this Forum’s thematic development is slightly different than for past fora. The Forum has the new ambition of responding concretely to a certain number (around 100) of key questions, around which interactive sessions will be designed. The scope of those sessions, each of which will necessarily involve many different stakeholders in order to discuss the issues from several different perspectives, has already been developed over the past few months. Therefore, complete session proposals, as received in the past, will not be solicited, but rather expressions of interest to contribute to solutions for particular questions are welcomed. Likewise, the Forum does not accept papers or abstracts as it does not have the vocation to be a technical conference.

The thematic work will therefore be structured according to the thematic framework that you will find here. It will then be the responsibility of each topic coordinator and session convener to integrate these inputs into the session design.

On the page Get involved in developing sessions all the necessary information on the procedure to submit your contribution is available, as well as the Contribution Form, to be filled in and sent back to the Coordinator in charge of your topic of interest.

This Forum is yours; your participation can make it a success. Contribute!


Stockholm Water Week: 5th World Water Forum Topic Bazaar and Side Event

19 August 2008 • Stockholm, Sweden

Lunch Side Event

Six months prior to the 5th World Water Forum, a side event that will be held in Stockholm World Water Week on 19th of the August, will provide the latest information on the Forum, both in terms of how far we come and what we still aim to achieve. It will explain the various ways in which participants can be involved in next year’s Forum and will also elaborate on how certain issues discussed during the World Water Week in Stockholm will continue to be developed in order to propose concrete solutions to the global community at the 5th World Water Forum. More

Afternoon Side Event: 13:30-17:00

A round-table seminar will invite the participants of the World Water Week to bring forth their solutions to today’s main water challenges. Break-out discussion groups will focus on each of the six themes identified within the 5th World Water Forum’s thematic framework and on the 24 related topics that will lead to session development for the Forum. Participants will also have the opportunity to exchange with regional process coordinators. The seminar will bring together various disciplines and expertise on these issues in order to bridge different perspectives to create collaborative and innovative substantive contributions to the 5th World Water Forum. More

Topic 1.3 development meeting

Agenda and registration for August 20, 2008 meeting in Stockholm

Virtual Meeting Space launched

1 August 2008

The World Water Council and the 5th World Water Forum have launched the Forum's Virtual Meeting Space (VMS), available at The VMS is a dedicated web-based tool created to facilitate the collaboration between those interested in sharing their solutions towards an improved management of the world's water resources. It will thus serve as a networking tool for the water community towards the 5th World Water Forum.

We strongly believe that the VMS will help in the preparatory work towards the 5th World Water Forum, allowing its overarching theme to be implemented in tangible terms, effectively "bridging divides" across geographical, sectorial and other boundaries. It will also facilitate the participation in the debate of a more diversified and wider range of interests than those that can take part in preparatory meetings and the Forum week. Click on the image for a screenshot of the VMS.

4th 'In and around Turkey' Regional Meeting

3-4 July 2008 • Skopje, Macedonia

This two-day workshop meeting was held on 3-4 July 2008 in Skopje, Macedonia, under the theme of “Water issues in the Eastern Europe: Impact of climate change, vulnerability assessments and adaptation measures”. The meeting was held within the regional framework of the 5th World Water Forum.

The effects of climate change on water resources in Eastern Europe, migration and changing land uses, human settlements and water, mitigating disasters were discussed during the meeting.The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supply of Macedonia and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Turkey. Ministers from Macedonia, Albania and Turkey attended to the meeting.

Presentations were made by Albania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Macedonia and Turkey. Roundtable meetings, followed by many experts from the countries of the region sharing similar problems were fruitful and provided guidance on the water issues in the Central and Eastern Europe. Many interesting ideas and comments have emerged in this context. The final report can be downloaded here.

Beside the meeting a side event was held in Skopje, under the theme of 'Water as the historical scene for the alliance of civilization'. Side event report can be downloaded here.

Forum Side Event at the International Conference on Water Related Disaster Reduction

27-29 June • Dushanbe, Tajikistan

The government of the Republic of Tajikistan will hold the  “International Conference on Water Related Disaster Reduction” on June 27-29 2008 in Dushanbe. Focusing mainly on Water related disasters,  this conference is aimed at mobilizing efforts of governments, UN organizations, international and regional organizations , private sector and civil society  on preparedness, prevention, localization and mitigation of Water related disasters, as well as to assist  in raising public awareness, promoting best experience and facilitating cooperation.

The Forum Secretariat will be at the Dushanbe Conference to participate in the technical sessions of the conference and make Forum related presentations in the workshops. The Forum Secretariat with the World Water Council will hold a side event to raise awareness about the 5th World Water Forum, its objectives and goals.

First Asia Pacific Regional Preparatory Meeting

27 June 2008 • Singapore

During the Singapore International Water Week, the First Asia Pacific Regional Preparatory Meeting will also take place on 27 of June 2008. The objective of this meeting is to discuss how to coordinate the regional inputs to themes and topics of the 5th World Water Forum and to identify 5 subregional preparatory meetings.
For more information please visit the below web site:

9th Turkish National Preparatory Meeting in Izmir

26-27 June 2008 • Izmir, Turkey

This meeting in İzmir, to be held by DSI İzmir Regional Directorate, is one of the 15  meetings in Turkey organized within the framework of the preparations for the 5th World Water Forum.

There will be two simultaneous meetings with the themes of “Water Basin Pollution” and “Historical Water Structures”. This two-day meeting will be composed of 3 technical sessions and a workshop.  The issues of Problems in Water Basin Management, Climate Change and Basin Protection, New Perspectives in Sustainable Integrated Water Basin Management and Historical Water Structures will be discussed during the meeting. P

rof. Dr. Ünal Öziş, Prof. Dr. Orhan Baykan, Prof. Dr. Yalçın Arısoy and Mehmet Bildirici will be some of the distinguished speakers at the meeting.

For more information please visit the below web sites: tarihi_su_yapilari_konferans_izmir.pdf

Third Regional Prepatory Meeting of the forum

28-29 May 2008 • Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The Third Regional Preparatory Meeting of the Fifth World Water Forum took place in Bishkek on 28-29 May 2008, with the participation of more than 200 people from 13 countries. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Processing Industry of Kyrgyzstan, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Turkey, the Interstate Coordination Water Commission of Central Asia and the Global Water Partnership Central Asia and Caucasus. Ministers from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan attended to the meeting.

Presentations were made by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey, as well as by the representatives of the ICWC, EC IFAS, and regional offices of SDC, IWMI and ADB. Roundtable meetings followed by many experts from the countries of the region sharing similar problems were fruitful and provided guidance for managing and protection of water resources to meet human and environmental needs. Many interesting ideas and comments have emerged in this context. The final report can be downloaded here.

Ministerial Process Side-event at UNCSD-16

13 May 2008 • United Nations, New York

The next step of the 5th World Water Forum political process preparations was taken at UNCSD-16 in New York during a side event organized by the World Water Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. The side event was titled, "Toward a Global Water Agenda: Preparing the Ministerial Process of the 5th World Water Forum". Speakers at the side-event included Klaus Töpfer, Former Executive Director of UN Environment Programme and Selim Kuneralp, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. The Forum Secretariat also had a stand at the CSD meeting. Find out more about the Ministerial Political Process.

 Second Thematic and Regional Coordination Meeting

14 February 2008 • Istanbul, Turkey

Following the First Coordination Meeting in November, over 400 representatives from an extensive group of stakeholders, organizations and institutions gathered for the second two-day meeting in Istanbul on 7-8 February. Workshops for the Forum’s 6 themes and 22 topics were on the agenda in order to identify a plan of action for further developing thematic and topic issues into Forum sessions. Much of this work entailed the identification of key questions for which the Forum will strive provide concrete responses through its collaborative work. Read more...





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