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6th World Water Forum
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Regional Process- Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Region has made a proposal for a consultation process leading to Mediterranean Session of the 5th Forum. This initiative strives to be federative, inclusive and complementary with other sub-regional initiatives. To achieve this, an Organization Committee was established under the coordination of the Mediterranean Water Institute during the 5th Water Directors of the Euro-Mediterranean and SEE countries that was celebrated in July 2008 in Athens.

The Mediterranean Session in Istanbul 2008, will take place over the course of one day and will be organized around two events:

  1. Plenary debate, in the form of a round table about a major water-related issue in the Mediterranean.
  2. A set of four parallel thematic sub-sessions dealing with major water issues in the Mediterranean

Contact your Regional Leader for the Mediterranean Region: Hachmi Kennou, IME (Mediterranean Institute for Water)

In/around Turkey Preparatory Meeting - Lefkosa

The international meeting entitled Regional Meeting On Water In The Mediterranean Basin which will take place within the dates 9-11 October 2008, at the Near East University in Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus, within the framework of the Regional Process of the 5th World Water Forum.

 The Mediterranean Basin is reported to be one of the regions to be affected most by the climate change worldwide. The aim of this meeting will be to create a discussion forum where leading experts from countries around the world will discuss water related issues in the Mediterranean Basin.

The meeting is expected to yield a better understanding of the water problems, stimulate scientific discussion and develop policy-relevant approaches and analysis for decision-makers. Results of the meeting will be carried to the 5th World Water Forum.





Regional Leads for Mediterranean

Hachmi Kennou