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Register to Attend the Forum

 If you're a National Government representative, a specific registration procedure has been put in place for Ministerial Conference.

Please click here

 If you're a Mayor, a Local Authoritie's representative or a Regional Authorities' representative, a specific registration procedure has been put in place for you.

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 If you're a  Parliamentarian, a specific registration procedure has been put in place for you.

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The 5th World Water Forum's registration system has recently been redesigned to include lower registration fees and a simplified registration process.

Lower registration fees: the registration fees have been reviewed to make them fairer and more accessible for Forum participants from all over the world, from all sectors. The new fees are announced as:

Participants from:

Early-bird registration
up to January 15th, 2009

Registration from
January 16th,2009

Developed Countries/
UN Organizations      
€ 400€ 500
Developing & Least
developed countries     
€ 240€ 300
Young participants
(aged between 16 and 25)   
€ 80€ 100
PhD Students
(aged up to 35)  
€ 80€ 100

3-day registration*€ 250                        
1-day registration*€ 100


*3-day and 1-day registration packages are fixed and do not include any discount in terms of the countries, membership of the WWC or the early-bird registration.

The country considered is the country of incorporation of the organization that the individual is working for.

·         The consideration of countries as developed, developing or least developed is taken from the list provided by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

·         Young people’s fees apply to anyone born between 1983 and 1992. A separate registration process is in operation for children. 

·         A special fee applies to all PhD Students 35 years old and younger. 

·         Up to five employees of each World Water Council member up-to-date on the payment of their registration fees, receive a 20% discount on all of the prices indicated.

·         Accreditation for journalists will open shortly.

·         All registration packages include an electronic copy of the Forum documents, admission to the Forum venue and daily lunch.

·         Registration fees include taxes in the prices quoted.

These efforts aim to make it easier for you to attend the Forum.

Registration to the Forum is now accessible directly through the 5th World Water Forum website and Virtual Meeting Space, and you can easily register to the Forum in Istanbul in less than five minutes.

[Important Note on Arrivals to Istanbul: As the official airline of the 5th World Water Forum, Turkish Airlines is providing a 20% discount on flight prices for Forum participants, to travel to Istanbul in March. This discount is effective for tickets purchased from Turkish Airlines offices all around the world. To make the discount effective, passengers must be able to show a confirmation of their registration when booking their ticket. Please also note that Turkish Airlines 5th World Water Forum Account Code is BB601A.]




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