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6th World Water Forum
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MENA/Arab Countries Regional Process

Two coordination meetings for the preparation of the 5th Forum have been already organised for this Region:

The First Coordination meeting was held on 13-15 March 2008. The outcomes of this meeting resulted in a list of 12 proposed thematic sessions expressing the regional priorities as related to the Forum's themes and topics; the definition of issues to be addressed in the regional report, and the invitation to the Arab League to coordinate the political process.

The Second Coordination meeting, held on  20-21 June in Porto Marina by the Arab Water Council (AWC), invited more regional stakeholders to participate in the preparation of the Regional Report and started to prepare inputs to the Regional Report.

The League of Arab States hosted a regional meeting on 14-15 July to review the preparations for the regional, thematic and political processes of the Forum. .

A special session on the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in the Arab Countries was organized by the Arab Water Council during the IWRA Congress, in Montpellier, France, on 1 September, 2008. It was attended by large audience and led to rich discussions. The World Bank contributed with a keynote and the session was moderated by Dr. Daniel Zimmer, Associate Director of the WWC.  A regional meeting will be organized to review the advanced preparation for the forum during the Arab Water Forum, tol be held in Riyadh, KSA, on 17-19 November 2008.

AWC has decided to hold an Arab Water Forum every three year a few months before the World Water Forum. The programme of this Forum is in preparation. The selected name means that this Forum would have a thematic and a political process. It has been stressed that the political recommendations of this Forum should be available for the 2nd Prep-com meeting of the Ministerial process by the end of November.




Regional Leads for MENA/Arab Countries

Mervat Hassan