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6th World Water Forum
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Learning Center

Among the multitude of activities at the 5th World Water Forum, the Learning Centre provided small scale but large impact alternatives for participants to gain practical expertise and new capabilities to deal with water challenges.

35 course conveners shared their expertise during the Forum week through various methods of “how to” instruction, to enable over 560 participants from 420 organizations representing 30 different countries to gain new skills.

Courses on topics such as Household Water Treatment, Dam Safety, Gender and Empowerment, Water Infrastructure Finance, Water Resource Education, the use of Qanants for Sustainable Irrigation, and Water’s Intrinsic Nature, among many others, provided the means to solve a range of water issues at a practical level, resulting in actionable capacity development at the ground level.

The Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) one of the Learning Centre conveners, said it best - “Lead with the training – knowledge motivates action”. 

You may view the course descriptions, convening organization contacts and other details for Learning Centre classes.

The Learning Centre Courses

The Learning Centre, to be located in classrooms at the Feshane site of the Forum venue, was part of the official program of the 5th World Water Forum and runs in parallel to the other Forum activities. Its purpose was to provide action- and policy-oriented training at a practical level on topics relevant to the Six Major Themes of the 5th World Water Forum. For more information, please read the Information Note.

For further information and queries, please contact

Important noteLearning Centre activities must follow the general principles outlined in the Forum’s Environmental Policy.