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6th World Water Forum
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Draft List of Sessions

Below short descriptions of the sessions of the 5th World Water Forum can be found. For more information on a particular session, you are invited to visit the Virtual Meeting Space, which has designated working areas for each Topic.

Theme 1: Global Change and Risk Management

1.1 Adapting to Climate change

1.2 Water Related migration, changing land use and human settlements

1.3 Managing Disasters

Theme 2: Advancing Human Development and the MDGs

2.1 Ensuring Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for All

2.2 Water for Energy, Energy for Water

2.3 Water and Food for ending Poverty and Hunger

2.4 Multiple Use and Functions of Water Services

Theme 3: Managing and Protecting Water Resources

3.1 Basin Management and Transboundary Cooperation

3.2 Ensuring Adequate Water Resources and Storage Facilities to meet Agricultural, Energy and Urban Needs

3.3 Preserving Natural Ecosystems

3.4 Managing and Protecting Surface, Ground, Soil and Rainwater

Theme 4: Governance & Management

4.1 Implementing the Right to Water and Sanitation for Improved Access

4.2 Institutional Arrangements and Regulatory Approaches for Efficient and Effective Water Management

4.3 Ethics, Transparency and Empowerment of Stakeholders

4.4 Optimizing Public and Private Roles in Water Services

Theme 5: Finance

5.1 Sustainable means of financing local water authorities and systems

5.2 Pricing Strategies as a tool for a Sustainable Water Sector

5.3 Pro-poor Financing Policies and Strategies

Theme 6: Education, Knowledge and Capacity Development

6.1 Education and Capacity Development Strategies

6.2 Water Science and Technology: Appropriate and Innovative Solutions for the 21st century to better address the needs of society

6.3 Using the Assets of Professional Associations and Networks to Achieve the MDGs

6.4 Data for All

6.5 Water & Culture