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6th World Water Forum
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The subject of water will be discussed for the very first time in a place so close to water at the 5th World Water Forum. About twenty thousand participants are expected at this 5th Forum, which is to be hosted by Istanbul. It is the first time that the Congress and Cultural Centre at Sütlüce, and the Feshane facility on the other side of the Golden Horn will be used for such a purpose.There will be regular ferry boat services to provide access to these two venues from the city centre, and from the opposite side of the Golden Horn. A passenger bridge will allow you to cross from Sütlüce to Feshane. The Golden Horn thus provides a waterway venue for the Forum, while bridging the two conference centres on either side in accordance with the main theme of the forum “Bridging Divides for Water”.

Sütlüce Congress and Cultural Center

The former Sütlüce Slaughterhouse has been transformed into a modern Congress Centre containing a concert and congress hall, cinemas, exhibition and meetings facilities, a theatre and multi-storey car park. The Sütlüce Congress Centre will host the thematic, regional and political sessions during the Forum and will also fulfil the role of press centre. [Click on the photo for a high resolution]

AddressSütlüce Congress and Cultural Center
             Eski Karaağaç Cad. Sütlüce/İstanbul


Feshane, the fez (a popular type of hat in Ottoman Empire) factory of Ottoman times, will be the main registration centre. There will be regular ferry boat services from the city centre taking passengers to the waterfront in front of the building, where Forum registrations will be realised. At the same time Feshane will host the Water Fair, including many festive water-related activities such as the Learning  Centre, Global Water Education Village, Citizen's Water House, Major Groups, poster presentations and also a number of the Forum's thematic sessions. [Click on the photo for a high resolution]

Address: Feshane International Fair Congress and Culture Center
             Eski Feshane Caddesi Defterdar Durağı EYÜP/ İSTANBUL




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Main Venue: 

Sütlüce Congress
and Cultural Center

Eski Karaağaç Cad.


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