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6th World Water Forum
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3rd Children's World Water Forum

Underscoring the importance of involving the next generation in the solution of water issues, Children's World Water Forum was held in conjunction with the 5th World Water Forum. The Children’s World Water Forum, held from March 12th to 17th, welcomed 135 children from 21 countries, who discussed and agreed on the Children’s Declaration.

CHILDREN’S WORLD WATER FORA: Involving the next generation

The Children’s World Water Forum tradition was established in Kyoto at the 3rd World Water Forum, where some 109 children, from 32 countries participated, deliberated, and acted on issues of great importance to children’s wellbeing worldwide. At the 2nd CWWF at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico, 107 children from 29 countries shared 55 local actions to help in the solution- finding of water- related issues, and participated in workshops and educational activities.

The involvement of children in dealing with global issues exemplifies the need for policy-makers to put children at the forefront of their water and sanitation priorities. Moreover, involving children in large multi-stakeholder gatherings is an opportunity for children’s representatives to engage in meaningful dialogue within a unified objective of bringing about significant change on water issues. Children are a crucial stakeholder in water deliberations and decisions to “Bridge Divides for Water”.

For more information, please see the Guidelines.