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6th World Water Forum
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The CO2mpensation Honour Roll

Many, if not most, of the participants at the World Water Forum come from countries and cities other than the host city, Istanbul. They can travel for hours and even days to arrive, and each kilometer traveled will add to the CO2 emissions associated with participation at this important event.

The CO2mpensation Honour Roll is dedicated to those participants who have taken the initiative to offset their travel emissions from coming to Istanbul. Send us your CO2 compensation certificate, and be honoured here for your commitment to addressing the environmental footprint of your participation at the 5th World Water Forum.

Or, come to one of the GFI stands in Feshane, Sütlüce Foyer 4, or the Expo tent to make your compensation with WWF-Turkey. You'll receive a WWF-Turkey/Green Forum Initiative pin as proof of your green commitment.

See you at the GFI stands!