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6th World Water Forum
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Speakers' Corner

SPEAKERS’ CORNER: An open avenue for expression

The Speakers’ Corner was an open space in the Forum for any participant or group of participants that wanted to promote their water-related activities, share new and innovative techniques, or just give their opinion on any given subject. For the details please read the Information note on Speakers's Corner.

A quarter of the space was booked up in advance through a form on the VMS, and the rest was available for participants to sign up during the Forum week. In total, 27 presentations from 16 countries were made during the week under the aegis of the Speakers’ Corner, over the two venues, ranging from Mexican school kids presenting on aquaculture and aquaponics to studies on the genetic improvement of drought tolerance in fruit crops from Egypt. This component provided a lively and more relaxed means of information sharing and exchange of ideas between participants. Please see more details on the events