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6th World Water Forum
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Water Library

After the 5th World Water Forum held in March, 2009, we have prepared publications such as the Final Report, the Evaluation Report and the Global Water Framework which were distributed as hard copies and published on our website. We have established a “Water Library” using all these data and launched the websites and . We will share with you audio visual records, presentations, documents and pictures of the Forum week on these websites.

Our secretariat has analyzed the audio visual records and created search criteria to enable easy access to information. Using these criteria you can easily and quickly find the information you need and you can watch these videos streaming through the video sharing system at all connection speeds.

If you have any similar records and information that you would like to share with us, it will be our pleasure to convey them to the global water community.

Sincerely yours

The second meeting of ACQUEAU, a EUREKA cluster of which TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey) is a member, took place on the 17th of March 2010 at the 5th World Water Forum Secretariat.

EUREKA was founded in 1985 by European Commission and 19 countries including Turkey. In course of time, member countries of Eureka Programm achieved up to 38 because of the expansion of the EUREKA cluster and their functionality.

EUREKA is an international R&D supporting program that supports the market-driven projects intended for development of the processes and products to be commercialized in short period. EUREKA was founded as an international collaboration Programme for research and development of products, services and advanced technologies of the European industrial and research institutions which aim to increase the competitive power on the global market, to  encourage the projects and their management within countries. Clusters under EUREKA are systems constituted for enterprises working in pre-determined technological areas.

TUBITAK is in charge of the management of EUREKA Programme in Turkey. First introduction of the ACQUEAU cluster in Turkey was carried out in March 2009 at a Side Event of the 5th World Water Forum and was open to all participants of the Forum and promoted to the academicians, private sector and stakeholders from other institutions. The 5th World Water Forum Secretariat hosted the second meeting organized by TUBİTAK in March 2010. Representatives from ACQUEAU and TUBITAK came together to tell the private sector representatives the progresses that has been made within this past year and to talk over possible cooperation opportunities.

Who can apply for EUREKA Projectr?

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and big companies as a partner and research centres as service providers can apply for the EUREKA projects.

For more information:

The outcomes of the 5th World Water Forum were shared during a side event organized at the Stockholm World Water Week 2009

The World Water Council and the 5th World Water Forum Secretariat jointly organized a side event at the Stockholm World Water Week 2009. Titled as “The 5th World Water Forum and Beyond”, the side event aimed at sharing the main outcomes and key consensus areas of the Forum, as well as officially presenting its outcome documents, namely the Final Report, the Evaluation Report, the Global Water Framework and the Glimpses from the Synthesis Report, which is currently in progress and is due for publication before the end of the year.


The panel session was moderated by Dr. Jerome Delli-Priscoli of the World Water Council. Mr. Ger Bergkamp, Director General of the World Water Council, and Prof. Ahmet Mete Saatçi, Vice Secretary General of the 5th World Water Forum shared the achievements of the 5th Forum as well as the challenges to be overcome regarding cooperation and information sharing among institutions. Prof. Saatci said: ‘We are happy to have kept our commitment to “Before and After Istanbul”’, and expressed that the 5th Forum has been a milestone in the history of World Water Fora in terms of participation level, stakeholder-inclusiveness, greater political support and other firsts. He also stated that all efforts will be made to make the recordings of all thematic and regional sessions available online on the Forum website. Ms. Ayşen Nergiz and Mr. Özgür Bozçağa, members of the 5th World Water Forum Secretariat, introduced the Final Report, the Evaluation Report and the upcoming Synthesis Report. Dr. András Szöllösi-Nagy of UNESCO-IHP, and Ms. Simla Özkaya of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presented the political process of the Forum and the Global Water Framework Report. Mr. Haydar Koçaker, General Director of the State Hydraulic Works of Turkey, gave a speech about the regional process of the Forum and announced that efforts are underway for the establishment of the Turkish Water Forum and the organization of Istanbul Water Forum 2011, which will be a periodic water event organized every two years in Istanbul. The thematic process of the Forum was evaluated by Dr. İpek Erzi of the 5th World Water Forum Secretariat. In her speech, Dr. Erzi also noted that the recordings of the thematic and regional sessions of the Forum were all listened to and analysed by the Forum Secretariat members in the months following the Forum Week. She added that this analysis has helped to see the big picture of the Forum and revealed a whole different perspective on the discussions, which will soon be possible to follow in the upcoming Synthesis Report. Finally, Ms. Martine Vassal, Deputy Mayor of the City of Marseille, congratulated Turkey for the success of the 5th World Water Forum and expressed their excitement to host the next World Water Forum in Marseille in 2012. 

The well-attended side event ended with a discussion session during which the panellists received questions and constructive criticism from the floor.

The 5th World Water Forum Secretariat also set up a stand jointly with the World Water Council, where the outcome documents of the Forum were distributed, questions were answered and networking with other participant people and organizations took place. The Forum stand was managed by Ms. İdil Yılmaz of the Forum Secretariat.

The 5th World Water Forum Secretariat would hereby like to take chance to wish Marseille success regarding the organization of the next Forum.

Please follow the links below to view the outcome documents of the 5th World Water Forum. 


Final Report

Evaluation Report

Global Water Framework

Glimpses from the Synthesis Rep