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6th World Water Forum
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Partnership Bazaar

Are you setting up a new coalition for water to which you wish to invite other organisations? Do you have an existing water coalition that wishes to expand its membership? Do you wish to learn from other partnerships and contribute to them?

Simply put: Does your organization wish to engage in partnership building? Welcome to the


The World Water Forum is increasingly becoming THE meeting place for vibrant water coalitions.  In response to growing recognition of the World Water Forum’s ability to bring together different groups within the water community, the co-organizers have provided a space for organizations interested in seeking and building collaborative partnerships through the Partnership Bazaar.


The partnership seeks initiatives between two or more organizations willing to work together on a particular issue.  To do this, the PARTNERSHIP BAZAAR goes beyond simply demonstrating an existing project or initiative. The objective is to showcase, establish or strengthen the partnerships between organizations.  The goal is for networked groups to develop long-term workable relationships. 

Interested groups must register first onto the World Water Forum’s Virtual Meeting Space (VMS) to access the Partnership Bazaar application.  Registration is free and information will be secured. Following VMS registration, submission can be done by clicking here.

  • Follow link, click the “New” tab and choose “Add New Item”
  • Fill in Application Information then press “OK”.

The Partnership Bazaar will be ongoing throughout the duration of the Forum. Submissions of interest will be open until announcement of a closing date. 

Further detail to the event can be found on the Partnership Bazaar Concept Note. For any inquiry, please contact us. Program details for this event will be made available as the date of the Forum nears.